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We are one of North America’s leading consumer industrial and retail garbage bag manufacturers and suppliers, helping retailers improve their bottom line with high-quality national, private label and unique plastic bag products. We will work to ensure you have the best possible product for your price point and category. And we’ll keep that product in stock in our warehouse so that orders can be fulfilled the instant they are issued. As a manufacturer our Garbage Bag Tidy® is made to the highest specification in the category. As a supplier, we use our national brand expertise to improve your private label program.



Our industrial grade premium line with high quality bags line with heights standard of strength and performance


Our commercial bags offer incredible value with great strength and quality


Basil bags by Tidy are especially make to keep raccoons and rodents away from your waste receptacles

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2074 Steel Ave. E. Brampton, ON L6T5A5​


1 844 722 4583



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